Short video profile on Anthony Johnson

Here's a short video on Griz guard Anthony Johnson, done for a journalism class here at the U.

Those cliché but great Montana basketball videos

Yea, the song is in about 95 other Youtube sports videos but these are still pretty damn cool.


Alright, here's what we should do with that other nightmare fueling mascot....

Montana Grizzlies - Central Washington Wildcats highlights

Thanks to for putting this together and then also to whoever put it on Youtube.

I don't mean to discredit the Wildcats—they did an excellent job of taking advantage of the opportunities given to them—but the Grizzlies almost lost this game, the Wildcats didn't almost win it.

Highlights and press conference from the UC Davis game

Once again, major thanks to the people at for putting these on Youtube.

Some late Montana/SUU observations... and highlights

 Above are the highlights from Saturday's game. Well-done and great that they're putting them on YouTube. Anyway, here are a few of my observations from the game.

  • Marc Mariani is a monster. Southern Utah had a better chance of stopping the sun from shining than they did slowing down Mariani. He ran great routes, blew by coverage, caught the ball when it was catchable and made moves in the open field. For the first time in the four years I've been here, it looks like the Griz have a definite go-to receiver.
  • Cole Bergquist loves his first receiver. From the moment he drops back, he will stare so hard at his first progression that he may be able to see into their soul. Berquist's athleticism and mobility are great but can be a negative if he only looks to his first guy then takes off. I mentioned this in the Twitter feed, he stared down his first progression like no quarterback I've ever seen. I bet he looks like Reche Caldwell out there. If Mariani continues the phenomenal play, it's going to become very obvious who he's going to throw the ball to. However...
  • Berquist throws a great ball. He may not read all the way through his progressions but when he tosses it to the first guy, it's normally an excellent throw. The difference between last season and this is obvious. He's throwing with more strength, accuracy and confidence than he ever has.
  • When Selle eventually steps in, there will be do drop-off. He looked every bit as good as the starter. Go back and watch some of the throws, he was placing strong throws between coverage perfectly. On top of that, he has all the mobility of Bergquist. It may have been the fact that he's the backup and therefore less worried about getting hurt, but he seemed to run with a bit more power, lowing his shoulder into linebackers at times. Tebow-esque.
  • Defense is still good. There was much concern about how the defense would look after all the losses. So far, so good. They play with a bit different style. Not as much power but a little more flash. Trumaine Jackson's back-to-back interceptions were both due to great grabs.
  • Kicked down the doors. After a mediocre first quarter, I was worried the Griz would let the inferior Thunderbirds hang in there. Not so. It was nice to see our offense thoroughly dominate and put the game away early.
  • We need to play better teams. It's been said so many times but if you look at it from the fan's perspective, we're getting robbed of games. We only get one half of interesting football. Maybe three quarters. It's nice seeing the offense do well but even that can get old. So if you take a half out of this game, a half out of the next game and probably three quarters of the Central Washington game, that's seven quarters of good football that we don't get to see. We're getting screwed. But hey, at half a mil a game, the administration is happy. And if the administration is happy and profitable, nothing else matters.
  • Bobby Hauck is a joke. When asked during the coach's show about the status of Cole Bergquist, Bobby Hauck did his usual and declined comment, saying "Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself." Oh that's funny, because I always have to laugh at Bobby Hauck. He wants out, he wants to coach big-time football and he thinks (brace for PG-13 language) the beat reporters for schools like Washington, UCLA, Colorado, and Cal are going to put up with that shit? He's your star quarterback and you can't give us an inkling as to whether he's going to play next week? Please. Damn, even Tressel let the media know about Beanie Wells. They were playing USC and he meant a lot more to his team than Bergquist means to the Griz. They may take that crap in Laramie, which is where Bobby Hauck should be going, so good for him. If you got to where you are by being good at special teams (!!), you're not going much further. Please, really, bring up the fact that he's also known for recruiting.

For you Dolphins and Falcons fans...

Above is the last regular season game for now NFL-players Lex Hilliard, Kroy Biermann and Dan Carpenter. Hilliard gets three touchdowns, Biermann chases down a wide receiver way down field and Carpenter knocks a couple big ones through, including a 50-yarder.

After the jump are highlights from Biermann's award-winning season.

Lady Griz, Robin Selvig get Rick Roll'd

Appalachian State appears in Nike ad, sort of

It's not much but having your logo appear in a Nike ad because your team upset Michigan and won three straight national championships beats the hell out of Monte appearing in a Capital One commercial because a bunch of eGrizzers voted for him.

Damn, I love Nike ads.

Benny the Bull's troubles continue

I believe Benny the Bull is still played by Barry Anderson, a former Monte. So, that's the rationale for this in case anyone was wondering.

Well, after past legal troubles, it looks like Benny now has relationship matters to deal with.

via Deadspin

What it feels like to be a Griz hoops fan

Tape on Santa Clara

The video above contains Utah State highlights from their 71-65 win over Santa Clara. The video has zero Santa Clara highlights so I can't say for sure what they look like on offense, but I'm gonna guess they feed 6'10" 305 lb center John Bryant repeatedly and let him truffle shuffle his way towards his 20.7 ppg average.

Going off the Utah State highlights, it looks like they beat the Broncos with solid guard play. The video shows the Aggies making several contested shots. This is interesting because shooting by our guards hasn't been so good as of late and it wouldn't be surprising to see the Griz go big against Santa Clara.

My favorite play: watching Bryant try and defend the pick and roll. If we can get him out there on a few of those, it should be an entertaining night.

Images and a video from Cat-Griz 2007

In the video above, Lex scores his second of three touchdowns. At this point in the game, the Griz were only up 7 and needed another score to put the game out of reach. This was it.

After the jump are some pictures for the game. As usual, email me if you'd like some high resolution shots.
The field about a half hour before gametime.

The band getting ready before the game.

Griz take the field.

Cats run out.

The flyover.

The band at halftime.

Eric Allen's second touchdown.

Someone tossing out cookies after every TD.

Griz pick up huge 3rd down to set up touchdown in the video above.

Dan usually makes his extra points.

Griz take the field after the win.

The team thanks its fans.


How to beat Colorado State

Northern Arizona: lookin' back

Above is a good highlight video of last year's Lumberjacks. It includes some cool clips from last year's game in Missoula.

Happy Birthday to the ugliest mascot in the world

It's Herky the Hornet's birthday and somebody made a video. Enjoy.

Look, an eagle!

Why? Because it has bears, eagles and it's funny.

Let's hope something metaphorically or literally similar to this doesn't happen on Saturday.

Could Montana play with Appalachian State?

No. As a Griz and Fighting Irish fan, I'm sorry to say the game would end up looking like the one above with the Griz as ND and App St as LSU.

Appalachian is just too fast. Montana's weakest spot, currently the secondary, would have a tough time hanging with the Mountaineers fast skill players. However, the Griz could make it a game if the Lex and the offensive line played out of their minds. Even then, it'd still be a tough matchup.

College football is back

Get ready

It was a slow day for Griz news and I can't leave a crime story sitting up top with less than 48 hours until the gametime.

Jerry Glanville has worked with vikings before

This is why I love YouTube. You can pull up ridiculous things from any celebrity's past. Also, there's video of someone playing a videogame. Why is this on there? Who is watching this besides me?

Anyway, the footage is from Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl. Wait for the 1 minute mark to see what Glanville did with his previous Vikings team, where he was the "leader of a renegade band of WARRIORS WITH A BAD ATTITUDE." Is Jerry modeling his real Portland State team after a fictional videogame squad?

JD Quinn is getting real sick of this

Found via the Fanhouse.

I'm sure Bobby Hauck was disappointed to hear that his star offensive lineman had shot his mouth off again after already placing a gag order on him earlier in the season. Well, when you watch the video above you'll see that he did try to give the 'no comment' response most fans and coaches wish he would use.

It's hilarious to hear him say "get a real job" as if pretending to work at a car dealership or playing football were "real jobs" but even so, he tried to say no and the reporter kept pestering like a salesman. No means no. It's a joke that reporters still try to grab a quote from anything. How about "JD Quinn didn't want to comment on the situation?"

NDSU touts new commercial

Yesterday I randomly ranted about the approach of football season and posted the great Griz Nation intro video. There's a similar post on the Bison Media Blog. The video is above and for comparison, here is the ad the Griz run. Of course I'm preferential to the Griz ad but I'm not sure how great it'll look once the uniforms are out of date.

College football is almost here

Every summer I work full-time in Seattle when I'd much rather be back in Missoula. This puts me in the awkward position of looking forward to the end of summer. Well, in my estimation, we're almost there. The end of summer not only means a return to the Zoo, but also the return of Griz football. July 4th is past and we're no longer getting into summer, but trotting towards the end. The preview magazines are starting to come out and NCAA Football '08 hits the stores next week. It's almost here. Now if only I had more to look forward to than Southern Utah.

Portland State continues push for publicity

If you pause the video, let it load all the way then click ahead to the one minute mark you'll get to see Portland State's new ad.

Well, it's not as good as the Griz football ad, but it is something. They don't have much to brag about so they put in what they could -- Jerry Glanville's swagger and the fact that season tickets are only $60

It will be very interesting to see just how much of an effect all this publicity will have on the Portland State Viking program. Glanville & Co have been getting exposure, but will it result in more fans and a better program? One could say that the Vikings are the only show in town that time of year, but that's not completely the case. Fans have the 'Blazers and minor league baseball overlapping either ends of the season.

Hell, Blazers hype alone should have a decent shot and completely overshadowing any mention of Portland State. Seriously, for the next few months, not a single sports fan in Portland is going to care about anything other than the Blazers.

On top of this, it's so hard to get fans of teams like Oregon and Oregon state to cheer on a I-AA team. When I first came to UM, it took a little while for me to believe that I-AA football wasn't a joke. However, it all starts with wins. Glanville will bring in some fans but he can only keep them if the team is doing well.

One more important question: what happens if the fans just don't come? From every story I've read on Glanville, his goal is to create an incredible gameday atmosphere like that of Green Bay. What if, despite Glanville winning a bunch of games, it just doesn't happen? Would he consider continuing his climb back towards mainstream ball? I'd say so.

The Zoo really needs to step up its game

While stumbling around Youtube looking for clips on a JuCo commit I came across this video of yet another small school with much better fans than us. It's really kind of sad.

I'm not sure what the Montana alternative would be on this. Odds are it'd include rodeo and/or country music. I mean I really wish our school was as intense as this — as long as it did not include any square dancing or cowboyness.

Pierre Marie Altidor-Cespedes, please come to the University of Montana

The player above is Pierre Marie Altidor-Cespedes, he is transferring away from Gonzaga, where he started 31 games a sophomore. Rumor has it he is interested in becoming a Montana Grizzly. I have nothing againt that. Who doesn't want a player on their team with a nickname like 'P-MAC?'

My favorite part of the video is that the broadcaster tries to hurry and finish saying his name before the ball goes through the basket. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

First look at Southern Utah

With the coming and going of the Spring Game, it will be quite some time before we see the Griz football team on the field again. When we do see them in actual competition again, it will be against Southern Utah University. I don't know much about them other than that they want to join us in the Big Sky Conference. To find out a bit more I checked on Youtube to see if I could find any informative embarrassing video.

Here's the result:

Wow, where have I heard that song before? Oh, yeah. Let's hope it produces similar results.

It's called Beirut

I honestly cannot say that I've seen anything more impressive than this. I mean everyone has a friend who's pretty good or maybe they themselves can get hot once they get some drink in them but I've never heard of anyone as good as this guy.

Griz lax beats the snot out of Western Oregon

I caught most of today's lacrosse game between the Griz and Western Oregon and it was very entertaining as the the Griz completely trounced the opposition. The final score was 24-3. I believe this was the last home game for the Griz — Will, let me know if I'm wrong — which really blows because this team is very good and I wish I would've seen them play a bit more. Anyhow, they do play tomorrow in Bozeman against the Cats and Northern Colorado. Yeah, a double-header. So, any Griz fans (of any sport) should really try and catch the games.

Also, after the jump is a mildly entertaining video made by the Western Oregon lacrosse team. It's just kind of funny to watch after how bad we beat them.

"This spring, 'we got our asses beat' will be spelled 'W-O-U.'"

Where's our 'One Shining Moment?'

They're about to cue up this year's "One Shining Moment" and I have to say I feel pretty bad for whoever had to edit this. With this year's vanilla tournament — kind of expected it after the World Series, BCS Championship and Superbowl were all pretty bland — the editors really did not have much to work with.

Seeing as this will be pretty bad, I decided to look at last year's and try and find Montana. I always thought  they showed every team in this cheesy little clip but I've gone over the '06 version twice and have not found any Griz footage. You'd think a 12-5 upset would get us in there.

The only thing that makes the Food Zoo decent

Inside my entry on the Big Sky championship game I mentioned how I saw a couple Griz players at the Food Zoo. Some may be wondering what that place is like. Well, it's the school cafeteria where they serve the same food day after day after day. It gets real old if you're stuck living on campus. Sure they mix up the main line and sometimes have special days but most students know the only thing that's really worthwhile is omelette day. In case you're wondering, it's Wednesday... and maybe Saturday too. Well, here's some background on that special day.

Besides being pretty random, it does kind of relate to Griz sports — watch for Griz hoops walk-on Greg Spurgetis about five seconds in.

Don't listen to 'good Wade'

Here's a great new Gatorade ad I saw last night while watching some hoops. It really sucks that he got hurt in last night's game. Hope Wade's shoulder injury isn't as bad as it looks.

I really wish we had one guy who could do this. I know not a lot of teams have a Dwayne Wade, it'd just be great if the Griz had someone who could take it to the rim. I mean Cam, Dlouhy and Hasquet have the ability but how many GREAT finishes have you seen this year?

Note: Youtube is kind of down right now so the rest of the videos in the "Youtube clips" tag may be temporarily unavailable.

Sure the 'brick' chant is good but...

Griz fans have been pretty weak so far when it comes to trying to distract free throw shooters with the exception of a couple raucous young men bringing a painted box to a few games and chanting the word "brick."

That's been ok when it worked but imagine how much better it would be if we practiced the routine above. The whole arena would be silent and sitting while one guy yelled and flapped his gut around. Can anyone think of something more perfect for our relatively lazy fans?

Applications are being accepted now and I think every Griz hoops regular knows who the ideal candidate is.

RELATED: The Most Effective Free Throw Distraction In NBA History (The Fanhouse)

You know how that ended, right?

So this is a video of the opening game from last year...before things really started to go downhill. So yeah, it pretty much just includes the players coming out and the kickoff. It would've been pretty tight had we hung in there or maybe even upset the Hawkeyes but as it stands it's a video of us about to stomped set to an awful System of a Down song. Understandable why the video doesn't continue. As Dave Chapelle put it: nobody wanna get their ass beat to a soundtrack and shit.

Griz need to find and recruit this kid -- even if it's just for halftime.

Video Preview of Montana Grizzlies National Championsip in '95

God bless YouTube. Honestly, since Napster, I cannot think of a better invention. Not only can you watch a replay of game 6 of the 1986 Word Series played on RBI Baseball of NES, but you can also take a look at some great Montana TV history; this may be a bear on a trampoline or the 1995 National Championship Game.

Here's part one of four of a preview of the '95 National Championship game done by a news team in Huntington. It's a shame the 4th graders in the vid were probably traumatized when the Griz came into Huntington and beat the Herd 22-20.

Read on for the final three parts.

For more wonderful things on YouTube, take a look at this Bill Simmons article on

Wayne Tinkle Bio on YouTube

Here's a story  on Montana Grizzlies head basketball coach Wayne Tinkle, done by Troy Oppie of KECI-TV. Please ignore the part about the donut burgers, your arteries may clog at the sight alone.

"There's players overseas that could play in the NBA. There's players in the NBA that couldn't play overseas."