Griz-Cat hoops: live blog

The Griz go for five in a row to stay in the thick of the conference race. The Cats try to pick up a game in the standings to pull even with the Griz. It's Montana, Montana State and all the Phil Buck you can handle. Awesome.

First Half

  • I think the camera is out of focus. Or really poor quality. Maybe both. 2-0 Griz two minutes in. 
  • First AJ mid-range hanging dagger of the game. Kind of want to see him back at the off-guard, or at least taking more shots. He could be a Steph Curry type of point guard.
  • 8-7 now, 15 minutes left. Why the hell do they not have both Griz-Cat games while the students are back? It's pretty damn ridiculous.
  • A lot of empty seats at the ends. Big Sky basketball or people not being allowed to sit there? I don't know.
  • McGillis playing hard early. Good to see. Once the winning starts it seems as though everyone starts to find their roles/not compete for shots. Kind of a chicken and the egg type situation though. 11-9, 13:30 left. And he just blocked some kid hard. It didn't even leave is hand. Two blocks so far.
  • CET checks in, AJ to the off guard. Misses a three. If he adds that to is game next year he may average 25+ in this conference.
  • Why don't they have Mick just do both TV and radio? Is there some kind of conflict I'm missing? I know it happens in other sports.
  • These games are much better on Big Sky TV. But I don't think it's working and I'd rather not listen to Montana State's broadcasters.
  • Now 17-17 with 7:24 left. Phil Buck stressing almost every word. Let's see if the radio is synced. It's not. 
  • Now it's at 24-18 after a three by Hasquet. Well, 24-21 after a Cat three. It'd be nice to push this to the 7-10 range. Now a three by Staudacher.
  • Anthony Johnson kind of flops/gets fouled. Have you ever seen him get shaken up or upset over a call?
  • 31-26 after AJ drives baseline and lays it in.
  • CET also showing some offensive prowess as he picks up an old-school three pointer.
  • 36-30 at half.

Second half

  • Griz now up nine. Keep pushing it.
  • Just discussed the whole possession arrow concept with a friend. Why is that still in college basketball?
  • Lead still at nine. Same score actually. 17:22 left.
  • McGillis makes a three and now it's a ten point lead. I know I missed a score. McGillis having a big game.
  • Michael Taylor looks exactly like someone I despise. But he's cool though. Michael Taylor. Not the other kid.
  • 43-37 after AJ jumps and makes an ill-advised pass that leads to a dunk.
  • These games on TV always seems dull. It could be that every play is called like it was extremely important so nothing stands out.
  • "SPLASH" Kyle Sharp nails a three at the end of the shot clock. 46-37.
  • Griz need to pull away a little. We don't need to have this be in question coming down the stretch. I'm a little more confident in this team pulling out close wins but why do it if you don't need to? We need this win on the road bad.
  • That may be the first time I've seen Byran Qvale dunk a basketball in a game.
  • 50-46 now with 9:20 left. This is far too close. Kind of a sloppy game.
  • Wow, Ceylon Elgin-Taylor showing some game. Watch out.
  • Champ looks ridiculous.
  • Anthony Johnson's mid range fadeaway is unbelievable. Why wasn't he starting earlier in the season. Not gonna lie, I kind of called this.
  • Another one from AJ. Phil Buck says "string music."
  • Staudacher fouled out. 58-51 Griz.
  • Jesus. Anthony Johnson just made a circus reverse shot, after a bump. Yeah, give him all three.
  • Ceylon to Anthony on a fast break and now the lead is 11 with 3:30 to play. Cats make a three but it's still uphill for them.
  • Griz break the press on Hasquet's quarterback pass but Mcgillis gets fouled hard going up for a dunk. This is about over. Makes one, Griz get the rebound and now Anthony Johnson is going to the line after a block. These are almost automatic. Yep. 68-57.
  • Well, Cats then dunk over McGillis.
  • Back to 11 on Hasquet free throws. We've gotten pretty decent at icing games. Howard airballs a three. Let's wrap this up.
  • Griz fans holding up keys signifying "warm up the bus." This is a home game for the Cats. There is no bus.
  • The end of the game was far too long.
  • Griz win 78-63. Another double digit victory over the Cats. Five in a row and still in second place.

That. Was. Awesome. -- Images from the Cat-Griz 2008

Griz-Cat: Live Blog

Follow the feed—which will have updates and pictures from the student section—here or at for live updates and pictures from the game.

Observations from Cat-Griz ticket distribution

While the players get a little time off after their win yesterday over Idaho State, the students do not. Nope, we're in line for Cat-Griz tickets. Here are some notes, which will probably be updated throughout this ridiculously long day.


  • This blows.
  • Students were not allowed in the doors until 9:00 so anyone lines formed outside before that didn't really matter. This means there were people that got here at 7:00 or before and were behind people that got here at 9:00 because they picked the wrong door. Whatever, if you were part of that first wave of people going through the door, whether you were here at 7:00 or 9:00, you're getting a guest pass. I am not.
  • Like scientists predicting that future wars will be waged over drinking water, I see power outlets becoming a pretty hot commodity sometime around noon.
  • To reiterate, I'm pissed I have to miss the Lady Griz game. There really has to be a better way to do this.
  • Fantasy football roster is set: Brett Favre, Chris Johnson, Brandon Jacobs, Randy Moss, DeSean Jackson, Marvin Harrison, Kevin Boss, David Akers and the Bills defense. Already up 26-0 after Thursday but will miss games today. Too bad because Missoula gets Packers vs. Bears.


  • Made a run to Finnegans, that was definitely a good idea. The ham and cheese omelette was delicious.
  • So, word is that ASUM scheduled ticket distribution right now. You know what? Screw you guys. It's not your job to look after the professors, look after your fellow students toolbags. There will be no students at the home-opener of the school's best team. God what a terrible move.
  • Why not start selling the tickets right now? Surprise us. It'd be a great PR move. Everyone who's dedicated to getting tickets is here. A majority of the other people will show up around 6 because they know tickets will still be available then. Where's the harm?
  • The Packers/Bears game is underway. I am not watching it. Damn.
  • Currently up 37-25 in fantasy game against my brother Eamon (his defense still has the default 10 points).
  • Some people are starting to leave once they realize they're not getting guest passes—wristbands have already been handed out, I assume to the first 400 people.


  • My back hurts.
  • If I had more than two days of class per week I would skip a day of class just to spite ASUM and the professors for making me miss the Lady Griz game.


  • Saw everyone going into the Lady Griz game on my way back from Pizza Pipeline. Really wish I were at that game but just realized the game is on BigSkyTv. Yesss.
  • Shaunte Nance-Johnson looks great at point guard.
  • There's some irritating Irish music playing in the UC right now. Not cool.


  • For the past couple hours, the internet has been so bogged down with people that it was completely unusable. Awesome.
  • Only an hour left, I'm going to need a drink, or many, after this.
  • There are sections of the line with cute girls and there are sections of the line without them. I am not so fortunate as to be in one of the better segments of the line.
  • Good to see that the Lady Griz won.
  • So, Rhode Island almost beat Duke. Yes, good teams can be sloppy early in the season but they still pull out wins, not get beat by 30.


  • I finally have my ticket and made it out of there. 
  • Being completely honest, that was kind of a shit show. Once the line started moving at 6:00, we (people on the second floor) moved roughly 70 feet then stood there for another 40 minutes. That was fun.
  • I'm sure I waited all day for nothing. I bet tickets will still be on sale after the entire UC line clears out so unless you got a guest pass, it really wasn't worth waiting all day.

I am not going to the Lady Griz home opener

Nope. Not happening. You will not find me at Dahlberg Arena when the most talented Lady Griz team in years tips off against the Wyoming Cowgirls. You know why? Because the athletic department—or someone, it doesn't matter—decided to schedule distribution for Cat-Griz on the same day. Well done.

Here's the deal, Cat-Griz tickets don't go on sale until 6:00 pm on Sunday at the UC. But the doors open at 9 and most people will be standing in there all day. The Lady Griz game is at 2:00, right in the middle of the whole thing. I would complain about the game being played in the middle of the afternoon—these ladies deserve a primetime opener—but the game was set before the ticket distribution. To be honest, I like our women's basketball team more than the football team. I don't know why—maybe it's the lack of thugs, great visible leadership, playing at a higher level and as respectable a coach as you can find in the country—but I enjoy cheering for the Lady Griz more than I do our football team. Despite that, I'm not going to missing Cat-Griz. Come on.

You can look at this as just me complaining but Mandy, Sonya & Co. will have next to no students at their home opener. That's pretty damn unfair. Ask the fellas what a rowdy home-opener is like. Getting back to the point, this is unacceptable and idiotic. Can we honestly take half a second to think about pulling all the student sports fans away from our school's best team for their first home game? Jesus that's brainless.

The solution? Ummm.... don't freakin do that. Sell the tickets at night, make kids camp out. Oh the faculty doesn't want kids to miss class? I don't care. That's the student's choice. Make your class not suck. This happens at schools across the country. Gonzaga students after wait hours (twice: once for tickets, once to get in) for every one of their basketball games.

Better idea: tie the Lady Griz game to the sale. Line starts after the game in the arena. Hand some tickets out to random kids who came out and supported their team. Don't pull them away.

Griz Cat Hoops: Live from The Zoo

Up to this point, my coverage of the Griz-Cat basketball game has been nothing short of God-awfully wretched. One entry, that's it. It's been an interesting week and I hope to do as Lloyd did and TOTALLY redeem myself.

For those who get the reference, here's the 70 mpg moped that will be my Montana Grizzlies/Montana State Bobcats coverage: I will be providing live comments and images from the game.

Now, that won't be done right here on the Grizzoulian, but on other pages done by me. For live images taken from the student section go to For my short comments on whatever's going on, go to

Also, the game's on KPAX. Starts at seven.

Cats 74, Griz 58: Second half and game impressions

I do not have a lot to say. This was the worst half of basketball the Griz have played all season.

Montana closed the first half and opened the second half with a flurry of made threes. It looked good at the time but couldn't have been more detrimental to the final outcome.

Throughout the entire second half, the Griz jacked up poor outside shot after poor outside shot. It was dreadful. Every time the Griz went inside, points were there for the taking. The inside-out game was there. The 25-foot treys and fadeaway jumpers were not.

When MSU made their run and grabbed the game, the Griz didn't put up an ounce of effort as they fell to the canvas. The Cats were the more disciplined and efficient team. Throughout the game, they stuck to their gameplan and ran a balanced offense. The Griz did not. They panicked, tried to be heroes, fell behind and tried to jack up threes.

The Griz have not won a D1 game in more than a month. It's been since the weekend following Thanksgiving. Depressing, huh? This 07-08 season doesn't feel like last year anymore. It's worse.

Griz 34, Cats 33: First half impressions

Well, I'm sick of dealing with this TV stuff. I almost stroked out trying to explain my problem to a DirecTV automated receptionist. I've moved closer to the wireless router and am now going off of audio only,

I missed a lot of the first half trying ti figure the TV thing out so I don't have a ton to offer. It sounds like the Griz are running a solid, patient offense. There was at least one time where Rundles lofted up a trey early in the shot clock but that was all I heard. Once again, I didn't hear much.

Ceylong Elgin-Taylor made a positive impact in the first half. I like having him running the point. He did a great job in the Fulerton game and it sounds like he's doing the same here. If Rundles can regain last year's form these two should prove to be a very skilled tandem. We just need CET shooting thousands of FTs every day.

As for the bigs, I'm not really sure what's going on. I believe Jordo his being his usual self, just going off the few plays I've heard. Drew has six points at half. Not a ton for him, but it'll do right now. Hopefully he can get more in the next twenty minutes.

The Griz have led and trailed, had both positives and negatives on offense and defense. However, you'll always take a lead at half in a conference rivalry game on the road.

Well, there's some kind of biology or nature expert on at half. I'm getting a beer. Tonight's beverage: Newcastle.

Cat-Griz basketball game on TV... FO' FREE!

For everyone who lives outside the 406, trying to follow your Montana Grizzlies can, well, blow. You can order all the DirecTV packages you want but you're still only going to get a few games a year. That is, unless you get your local bar to use some special satellite receiver to tune into the signal they're bouncing off Saturn or whatever.

Tonight though, is not one of those rough nights. The Montana/Montana State basketball game will be shown on ESPN FullCourt. Channel 693. It says the game starts at 8 ET on the guide but both team's web pages say 7:05 Mountain Time. Alright, now that everything's out of the way. Tonight's game will be on TV, for free. It's part of the package's free preview, which extends tonight through the twelfth. So, as long as you have DirecTV, you get the game. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you're really ADD and need multiple Griz things to look at, there'll be a live blog running here as well.

Also, all you lucky local people—well all of you not in Bozeman...any Bozone Griz fans should definitely be at the game—the game can be seen on KPAX at 7.

Images and a video from Cat-Griz 2007

In the video above, Lex scores his second of three touchdowns. At this point in the game, the Griz were only up 7 and needed another score to put the game out of reach. This was it.

After the jump are some pictures for the game. As usual, email me if you'd like some high resolution shots.
The field about a half hour before gametime.

The band getting ready before the game.

Griz take the field.

Cats run out.

The flyover.

The band at halftime.

Eric Allen's second touchdown.

Someone tossing out cookies after every TD.

Griz pick up huge 3rd down to set up touchdown in the video above.

Dan usually makes his extra points.

Griz take the field after the win.

The team thanks its fans.


Griz finish undefeated season with win over MSU in 107th Brawl

The score, 41-20 Griz, doesn't reflect it but the game was close throughout. The two teams were separated by only one possession through most of the game.

In the fourth, the Griz were up 13 (after an EA catch 1:15 into the quarter) until the Cats scored with about ten minutes left. The Cats punched it in but the extra point was blocked and almost run back for two points. On an ensuing possession, the Griz drove down to the two. After a third down run from the two or three that got pretty much got stuffed, the scoreboard read 4th and 2. For some reason, a measurement was taken. Somehow, it led to a first down Montana. The Griz punched it in a play or two later on a leaping Lex Hilliard TD run. There'll be a video up tomorrow.

On the next Cat position, Rolovich was about to be sacked  then he hucked it up underhanded. It was picked off and Lex ran it in from 15-20 yards out on the ensuing possession. Twenty one point lead, back-to-back Brawl wins and an undefeated regular season.

Where can I watch the Cat/Griz game?

Just about every week I receive an email from someone who's curious about watching the Griz in their hometown. I know I'd want to if I wasn't here. The advice I return is always the same. If you need  a spot to watch our beloved Griz, try checking out the UM Alumni Website. They have a map of places that show the Griz-Cat game. I've heard the game will also be available through ESPN Gameplan so if you have DirecTV or another provider that carries it, you should be able to order the game through that.

Volleyball looking to break attendance record in Griz-Cat

The Montana Grizzlies volleyball is currently on the outside looking in on the Big Sky playoff race. They're seventh. Six Teams make the playoffs. We need wins. And fans.

The volleyball team needs 2,085 to break the record so they're moving the game down to Dahlberg instead of playing up at the West Auxiliary Gym.

Here's some info and a quote from the coach from The Missoulian:
The Grizzlies are facing off against the last-place Bobcats (0-12, 1-23), while NAU hosts two of the top three teams in the league this weekend in Eastern Washington (9-3, 10-13) and Portland State (10-2, 17-6). Fifth-place Northern Colorado (6-5, 8-16) also hosts both EWU and PSU this weekend.

“We'll need the teams that are playing well at the top of the conference to continue to play well and help us get back into a position where we may have a chance at making the tournament,” second-year Griz coach Jerry Wagner said. “Certainly we need some help, but we also have a lot to play for in the upcoming three weeks.”
We better win. Not because we need it to make the playoffs, but because the Cats are 0-12 in conference and 1-23 overall. That's awful.

Brawl of the Wild voted FCS game of the year

Grab your Carhardts and watch out for the cocaine dealers as this College Sporting News FCS Game of the Week and Game of the Year Surveys are in and this year's Griz-Cat matchup was voted the game of the year.

Yep, that's right, the very best regular season FCS game of the year will be played at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman. Man, we really need to get out of this division.

Yes, the results were generated from a user survey and Montana fans have shown they kick ass at these type of things but how seriously does the FCS expect to be taken when this is the game of the year? Imagine if ESPN televised this and touted it as the best FCS game of the year. People would come across it on ESPN 2 or ESPNU, take a look at the stadium -- "F-C-S...that's high school football, right?"

This is honestly not intended to bash this great rivalry but come on, game of the year? Really?

Griz lacrosse continues strong play, sweeps double-header

As any baseball fans know, double-headers are tough. It's extremely difficult to go out and win two games in one day. Things are especially difficult when you try to pick up two on the road. Well, the Griz lacrosse team did just that with wins yesterday over #7 Northern Colorado and #11 Montana State.

I don't have many specifics and the only news I have on yesterday's games comes from a blip on regarding the Northern Colorado game and an anonymous e-mail saying both games went well. The Griz beat Northern Colorado 15-10 and I do not have a score on the MSU game.

This makes the third Griz lacrosse victory in two days as the team also beat #19 Western Oregon on Saturday.

I believe this marks the end of the regular season for the UM lacrosse team. Please do let me know if there is some kind of a postseason.

Update: The score of the Griz-Cat lacrosse game was 17-10, Griz.

Griz-Cat lacrosse on tap this weekend

The University of Montana has dominated Montana State so far this year as the Griz swept the Cats in men's hoops, women's hoops, volleyball and won the Griz-Cat football game. Well, the Griz lacrosse team — damn straight, we have lacrosse team — looks to notch another victory over MSWho.

The University of Montana lacrosse team faces off against the Cats on Saturday as part of a weekend of games in Washington-Grizzly Stadium. The Griz also face Utah Valley State College on Friday and Linfield on Sunday.

For tons of information, head to their website at It is run by team photographer and webmaster, Will Moss.

Here are some basics on the team: they are a club team, meaning that they do not have scholarships and do not get much (any?) financial support from the University. I believe they get as much money as other clubs do, but not near what other actual university-sanctioned sports get.

As a club team, they play in the Men's Collegiate Larosse Association's (nationwide association of club college club teams) Division B. Sure, they're stuck in the lower division, but they do what most Griz teams do and stomp through that lower division. The Griz lacrosse team is ranked third in the latest MLCA Division B poll. I really hope end up topping St. Thomas (preppy MN private school), not a big fan of that place.

For anyone who isn't headed to places like Cabo and Cancun, you should definitely go and check out a couple of games.

Lady Griz continue to play fundamentally great and make it 5-0 UM in two major sports

With the Lady Griz's 84-70 win over the Cats on Sunday night, they completed a season sweep of the Bobcats in the two major sports: football and basketball.

The points were distributed pretty well: Rogers, who went off in the first half and finished with 16. Morales was once again very impressive as she went for 16 as well and tacked on 8 assists. She really is an incredible passer. As soon as she gets the ball going the other way she'll look up for a long pass, which she completed a couple of in the game. Johanna Closson led the Griz with 17 points.

It's really amazing how fundamentally sound the Lady Griz are in comparison to the men's team. I don't mean to bash the men's team but they really trail pretty far behind the women when it comes to the basics. The men do not have a great passer like Morales; Ellis and Rundles are kind of close but neither have the awareness she does.

The Lady Griz also run much cleaner and effective set plays. They work the picks and hustle for open shots. When they get those open shots, they seem to always knock them down, especially open treys.

Hustle is also a huge part of the Lady Griz's success. Sonya Rogers was great at chasing down fast breaks. Once she nearly picked a ball clean but there was an iffy foul. Another team she pressured a girl into missing a layup.

The Lady Griz also knock down their free throws. Come on fellas, they're free points. There's really nowhere to point for the reason the men's hoops team isn't as fundamentally sound as the Lady Griz.

There were a couple guys from the men's team at the game tonight and they probably should've brought a notebook, they have a lot to learn from the ladies.

Griz-Cat hockey lives up to rivalry

Through most of the year, I've been wondering where all the diehard Griz basketball fans are seeing as the student section has been kind of lackluster for the majority of the year. They're starting to pick up late but according to this email, all the diehard Griz fans may prefer cheering for hockey.
I must say you run a very impressive website. I was just scrolling through some of your recent posts, and the one about the fans playing a role in the games. I've got to tell you after attending several basketball games this season (my first here at UM)  I haven't been too impressed by the fans either. If you really want to see an impressive display of fandemonium, I suggest the Hockey games. I know hockey is about as dead to America as Saddam Hussein, But I went last night to check it out Griz-Cat hockey and was thoroughly impressed.
I didn't know what to expect from the fans but I damn sure didn't expect to see the Glacier rink PACKED with people cheering for griz hockey. Just about everyone in the place had a case of beer with them and the atmosphere rivaled that of a Griz-Cat football game. No doubt the basketball games would be as rowdy if everyone was wasted, but until then, for the quality fan and game experience Its over at the fairgrounds.

Greg McDonald
This is very impressive seeing as hockey has faded a bit in the public conscience. I really wish basketball games were like this. It seems like there's the very real possibility that an intoxicated fanbase is the difference between a good rowdy crowd and a bad one.

If anyone has any information on the program or a link to a UM hockey website, please let me know.

Here's a link to a recent Kaimin article about UM hockey.

Griz-Cat hoops: live blog

First off, I will never call it a glog. I've done this live blog thing once before so if it's a little off or not updated enough, let me know and I'll work on making it better.

Most people know what's going down but here are a couple previews.

Griz's most dominating force, Andrew Strait has been sick all week and no one really knows if he can play and if he will, how much. The Cats have won six of seven and haven't lost in Boz Angeles in conference play. However, they've lost the past four matchups with the Griz, including a 73-65 game in Missoula.

Well I just ate a big bowl of chili and watched th end of Au Pair so I know I'm pumped.

Lets do this, live blog is after the jump.
First Half
Pregame Well the broadcast really sounds great as the game is apparently being broadcast from the top of a mountain. Come on guys, don't blame this on the fans.
Pregame For anyone that saw the little intro they did, you had to love the Michael Jordan/Rip Hamilton/Kobe Bryant fist clench that Cam Rundles did after dropping a big dime in the Sac State game.
Pregame Oh no, no Drew. A bad cold? Come on big fella. Sharpie is starting.
19:34 The shot clock is broken, this break has to help the Griz by quieting the crowd. How come all of our students don't wear team shirts? It's kind of ridiculous. If MSU fans can all match, I think we should be able to sacrifice our Abercrombie & Fitch to throw on this $1 student shirts.
18:00 Cats up 2-0. Sharpie has taken but not made the first two Grizzly shots. He just picked up a foul. I really want to see some major minutes for Gus Chase.
17:25 3-2 Griz as Doc Dlouhy knocks down a long three. Anyone know why he's called Doc. Someone is calling us cheaters. How are we cheaters? Yeah, great intelligent fans from MSU.
9-2 Griz They took the time off the screen but we've made three threes to start the game. Sharpie just picked up his second foul, look for Gus Chase to come in. If he plays like he did in the Sac State game, this may get out of hand.
14:57 Nope, Chavez comes in... and knocks down a three. Oh, you want to play zone? Yeah, screw that, we're just going to shoot over it. 12-2.
12-5 Carlos Taylor makes a big three. There's another one by Durham. It's 12-8. A shootout at the OK Corral. I kind of hate cliches like that.
14-8 Griz Dlouhy knocks down a tough fade. We need him to start playing like a contributing senior.
11:14 Griz are up 14-11. Teams have knocked down a combined seven threes. "Both teams are living and dying by the three." Seven threes... I don't think anyone is dying by it.
10:00 There's someone with a really annoying raspy voice right behind the broadcasters. This is going to be fun. 14-13 after an 11-2 Cat run.
8:50 Taylor knocks down a couple shots, one being a trey and they're up 16-14. BE makes one and its 16-16. Chavez just grabbed someones arm and whiped them out. Cat fans are chanting DUI. Classy guys... not saying our fans would be any less intense though. Two missed cat freethrows.
16-18 TV Timeout Not gonna lie, the Cats have some pretty great commercials. No, not as good as UM ones, but still pretty good. I have to say, I've watched a lot of college hoops and seen a lot of university ads and the Montana schools are some of the best I've seen.
7:00 Stads and Gus come in. Then Stu knocks down a three. He has really been playing great as of late...once he got some minutes. Yeah, can't play well if you're not getting minutes. I don't blame Tinks though, Stu was having some off-the-court troubles. I don't know what they were, but they were there.  19-18 Griz.
5:20 Taylor has 10 points already, in like 10 minutes. Raspy voice is getting really annoying. Noah is so much better. BE knocks down two FTs and its 21-20.
4:05 B-More. Gus Chase, Baltimore native, gets the offensive board, gets fouled and makes the shot. I love ths guy. He misses the FT but we get it back and Martin knocks down a three. Five point possession, holla. 26-22 Grizzle shizzle.
2:41 26-24 Griz and Dlouhy just mobbed some guy with glasses. He shoots 54% from the line so good deck there. Commercial. I asked this in the last live blog but honestly, is this guy who flooded his wife married? Where's her commercial? She can't be happy with this stunt.
1:40 Time out. Cats fans are chanting "Eat shit Grizzlies, go Cats go." Why on earth do they get courtside seats and we don't?? I mean we're so much more creative and classy.
Half Here's how it ended: Rundles made three then the guy with ugly hair and glasses made a 5 footer then Hasquet launched up a brick from somewhere around the third row. Durham, who hasn't cramped up and cried while trying to touch people in the courtside seats, missed a desperation three at the end of the shot clock. 29-26 Griz.
Half Could Mike Kramer and this color guy, I think it's Rob McPherson, be any different? Kramer is huge, tough and manly. This color guy is kind of at the other end of the spectrum, being rather flamboyant.

You know, you guys can comment if you want. Seriously, anyone that's reading, let me know what you think.

Second Half
19:25 Sharpie knocks down a looong two after a drive and dish by Cam. Good to see the big guy show some range. 31-26. Hasquet just picked up his first foul.
10:45 Durham knocks down a three. Just cramp up already. 31-29 Griz. It's starting to heat up as someone tried to grab Rundles as he pranced over their body. That sounded weird.
17:55 Durham knocked down another one. 32-31 Cats. No, killa Cam knocks down a three. 34-32. Whenever the Griz need a big three, it seems like it always comes from Cam early in the shot clock. It's liek eh can make one whenever he wants. Then Sharpie throws down. Then Davis gets a bucket as Sharpie picks up his third foul. Woah, a lot of stuff. Knocks down the FT. 36-35.
16:17 Dissly gets a four point play. 39-36. Then Squet gets some work down low. 39-38. Raspy voice is so annoying.
Commercial Yeah, our UM ads are definitely better. However, this Ole's American Idol ad tops them all. How can they have the coldest beer in town? Is it a frozen block of beer?
14:00 Stu gets two buckets in a row then Durham knocks his third three down of the half. 42 all boys. lets do this.
13:32 Chavez misses getting a three point play to the chants of "He is drunk." Yes it is an unfortunate thing. Get a grip students. Griz just miss an alley oop then Chavez gets the offensive rebound and knocks down one of two free throws after being fouled. 45-42 Griz.
12:15 Dlouhy knocks down a three after Dissly threw down with a hint of authority. Then Chavy makes a great pass on the fast break so Stu can lay it in. 50-44 Griz.
10:50 Morris made something close and crowd gets into it. 50-46 Cats. Sharpie misses a three and Squet got the rebound and missed a close one.
9:20 Mayes knocks it loose, then gets it back from BE and timidly dunks. Come on, get up Stu! 52-46
8:24 Dissly strolls down the lane easily again. BE then drives and tries to get a tear-drop. Misses, Sharpie gets the rebound and gets fouled. Makes one. He's from Hollister, like the clothing store. That's cool. Then Durham knocks down a shot for his eleventh point in the half. 56-50 Griz. Then Martin walks. TV timeout as raspy yells "Yeeaahhh yeeaahhh." You know you just get the ball, not 11 points?
7:30 Cats knock down an open three out of the TO. Dlouhy drives then passes to Sharpie. He almost lets it go by but decides to grab it once its halfway over his shoulder. He puts it in. 58-53 Griz.
5:07 Sharpie picks up his fourth foul on a huge make up call. Morris makes one. Stickin with that 54% FT shooting. Then an offensive foul on Squet. Lets get some momentum going guys. Hah, the announcers sit in like the third row.
4:26 Hey raspy, yes, the refs are kidding you. Cats are complaining about the fouls as BE gets fouled as he drives. Ellis knocks down both and gri are up 60-54.
3:40 Durham steals hit and Ellis fouls him then supposedly was dangerously close to getting a technical. He damn near (and probably did) almost picked it clean after chasing Casey McCramps down.
Hasquet knocks down a long two. He could've moved his foot back a half inch and it would've been a three. Griz are up 62-55. It's looking pretty good as long as we don't decide to give the game a away. Cats take  TO with 2:44 left. Then the Cats turn it over.
2:10 Ellis gets chased all over the court then passes to Sharpie, who dunks. 64-55 before Taylor Drives and somehow makes some odd looking shot as he's fouled. Misses the FT. Griz up 64-57 with 1:50 left. It's probably over. NAU beats ISU. We better not somehow lose this because apparently losing to MSU can throw off the rest of your season. Ask the Bengals.
1:50 Durham makes a frustration foul on Squet, who makes one. Griz up 65-57. Then the Cats go into hack-a-big mode. Sharp, who I want to remind you again is from Hollister, CA, makes one of two. Cats can't get a bucket again and foul
1:21 66-57, then Stu knocks down two FTs to make it 68-57. It's over Cats. Now I pray, for the sake of irony, that the awful fan with the raspy voice goes out and gets a DUI.
1:11 Just get up already. Come on. We could throw the rest of the free throws off the shot clock and the Cats couldn't make enough shots to score. Ellis knocks down two free throws to make it 70-59.
:42  Jorgenson keeps telling us it's not over. Then Dissly shoots it over the backboard. That wasn't tipped buddy.
Game 72-63 Griz. Big win for us as we end their undefeated conference streak and move a bit close to Weber, who somehow only has two games left. One against us and one against Sac State. Lets assume that's 1-1 because we can't lose that.
Postgame "Here I'll stand in the middle and you get on that side." I love when they turn the mic's on to early. Jorgenson's going to talk with Griz. Some more great sound. Tinks talks about Stu's consistency. It's definitely been good. Stu talks about getting his guys up. This team is in desperate need of a senior leader down the stretch.

Once again, this game was big as the Griz move within a game of Weber State and end MSU's chances of hosting the BSC tournament. Keep it rolling Griz and lets have the Zoo get to watch our guys play their way into the dance.

Griz, Cats: The same but different

Yeah, Yogiisms tend to be a bit cliche when used in headlines but this one fits pretty well when describing the basketball teams at the University of Montana and Montana State University. They both come into this game at 7-4 in conference play and in a tie for second-place but they've done so very differently.

Fans of the two teams come probably come in in with very varying opinions on their respective seasons. First off, the Bobcats. This team came into conference play looking pretty talentless and like a team that would go pretty quietly into the abyss. That hasn't happened.

Head coach Brad Huse has this Bobcat team playing way over its head and right in the thick of the Big Sky race. It was them who ended Idaho State's undefeated stretch and sent the Bengals into chaos. The Cats also beat Weber State at home. It hasn't been this way throughout all of BSC play as they started 1-3. Then it started. They beat Weber at home and won six of seven.

The Griz are sitting a little differently. They also are 7-4 in BSC play but they arguably have the most talent, top-to-bottom, in the entire conference. This means they;re doing the exact opposite of the Cats and playing below their talent level.

When a team appears to play below its talent level, fans start questioning coaching. This has happened as several Griz hoops fan aren't has happy about Tinks as Cats fans are about Huse. I don't agree with this. Many fans expected this team to continue on its upward track but are disappointed to find them in a transition year. No matter who the coach was, this team was going to be in transition after losing the chemistry it had this year. This is more due to the loss of seniors Kevin Criswell and Virgil Matthews.

However, all Griz and Cat fans would have to agree: this game is big and the rivalry only adds to it.

Cameron Rundles, he's a diaper dandy baby.

You know what, I hate Dick Vitale and I'm sorry for any reference to him. I hate Joe Buck too but that's not the point. The point is that Cam Rundles is a stud.

The Griz won a grinder over the rival Cats with a lot of help from their frosh. Rundles scored 15 big points in the second half. It was like he just decided that after going scoreless in the first half, he was going to carry this team.

However, it wasn't the normal way someone carries a team by making spectacular plays and obviously playing superior to everyone else on the court. Instead, he just made shots when he needed to.

I remember once when the Cats made a big basket to cut it close, Cam got the ball behind the three point line with no less than 25 seconds on the shot clock and just decided he was going to knock down a three. He rose up with a defender all over him and knocked down like he was just shooting around after practice.

Does anyone know where the ceiling is on this kid? Seriously, a freshman that runs the point and is possibly the most dynamic player on the best team in the conference. I don't think he'll ever reach the Stuckey stratosphere but Cam is good, damn good.

Fellow freshman Ryan Staudacher also played well as hit three big threes coming off the bench. As did Mike Chavez. Stads is finding his spot in the rotation but Chavy is really fighting for more playing time. That's kind of scary seeing as this team needs role players but it's great to see his effort.

The Griz are starting to find out who they are. Good timing too with league leaders Idaho State and Weber State rolling into town this week.

Lady Griz make it 12 straight with Griz-Cat win.

The Lady Griz beat the Cats tonight 86-67 in a somewhat  easy game over in the Bozone.

I don't really know what to say on this victory as it was a somewhat easy win over a subpar team. Mandy Morales, of course, led all scorers with 20. According to the Bobcat announcers, she also went Michael Vick on the MSU crowd. Junior forward Johanna Closson notched an impressive 17 points and 9 boards.

I don't know how possible this is, but if the Lady Griz just do not get beat the rest of the season, can they make it into the top 25? If so, how high?

I don't care what sport you're in or what gender it is but if your only loss of the season comes to an Ohio State team, you're pretty damn good.

Griz-Cat week.

As evidenced by this season's attendance level at basketball games, I'm assuming that many of you will not care about this Griz-Cat week as much as you all did about the last one. You should.

The Griz men's team come into this week needing a win pretty bad. They are 1-2 in conference play and Weber State just jumped out to 4-1 with their win over Portland State so the Griz come into the weekend a game and a half back.

It's not like this lowly Montana State team is a guaranteed win. There are no guaranteed games in the BSC this year. Just ask anyone who's played Northern Colorado (yeah they're 0-4 in conference play but most of the losses have been close) or maybe Eastern Washington. EWU lost at home by a buzzer beater to MSU, pulling off the victory in Cheney that the Griz couldn't grab.

The Lady Griz game isn't quite as enticing with the likelihood them blowing out MSU and the fact that the game is in Bozeman. Even so, they come in with an 11-game winning streak and a box full of BSC player of the week awards.

Lady Griz play at 7 on Thursday and the Griz men play Saturday at 7 so bust out that Tivo if you want to see Reggie Bush and Drew Brees tear up the Iggles.

Maul of the wild, Griz beat Cats in 106th meeting.

As most Montanans already know, the Griz were victorious in this year's Brawl. The AP article on the game leads with Josh Swogger's statistics but everyone who watched the game, including the Cat-Griz Insider, knows he wasn't the reason our Griz won this game.

It's pretty easy to see the QB wasn't the deciding factor; just look at Swogger's complete stat-line or the final score. They are 17/41 241 yds 1 TD 2 INT and 13-7 respectively. Swogger did have his one moment with the spectacular TD pass to Eric Allen right in front of the student section. This made me (sitting in the front row) react during the play the same way someone would act if Ken Griffey Jr (10 years ago) were jumping up and robbing a homerun that would've otherwise nicked off their knee. I was really in awe and kind of stood back as it happened but once EA dove past the pylon I erupted along with everyone else around me. After this grab, all the momentum shifted and defense decided the Cats were not going to win this game.

From this point on, the Griz defense stepped up every time they needed to. Whether it was stopping them about a Pabst can short of the first down with 5 minutes left or sacking the Cats on the crucial 4th down to [pretty much] end the game, the Cats' resiliency just wasn't working out.

I really could not have enjoyed my first Griz-Cat game any more than I did.

I will try to put more photos up in another entry and also toss up anymore reaction pieces I come across

Where can I watch the Griz-Cat game?

University of Montana alumni are spread out all over the country and I've received a couple of emails from individuals asking where they can watch the game somewhere the game isn't normally broadcast. The best option is probably to find a sports bar somewhere near you showing the game. However, it's usually hard to find if you live, say, 500 miles away.

If you don't mind possibly being huddled in a corner while everyone else watches Ohio State-Michigan, this map on the University of Montana Alumni site gives locations for individuals living in just about every state. If you don't want to miss the game, check the site out.

Griz-Cat tickets for sale.

In my opinion, being part of the student section is the single greatest experience in sports. Right now I have two extra tickets for  the student section to the biggest event in Montana. Please leave a comment with an offer if you are interested in attending the 106th Brawl of the Wild and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I was planning on giving them to family but they can't make it out this weekend. Just scroll down or click on the "Griz-Cat" tag to see what a friend and I had to go through to get these tickets.

UPDATE: The tickets are sold. Hope anyone interested finds their way to the game.

Griz stay at #2 after going Ohio State on UNC.

The Montana Grizzlies remain in the second slot on this week's Sports Network I-AA college football poll after they used the University of Northern Colorado as a practice squad to get their offense rolling. It was pretty much the same scenario as the Ohio State's rout of Northwestern, except with less defense.

It kind of worries me that the Bears managed to toss up 21 points on our stingy D. Even so, at least we didn't have to sneak by them for a shot at the BSC crown.

Next week's Brawl of the Wild will be a showdown between the #2 and #15 I-AA teams as Montana State jumped up three spots during their idle week; this is probably something a team full of George Costanzas would aspire to do as often as possible.

One reason for the bizarre jump is NDSU's absolute demolition of Cal Poly. The Bison romped the Mustangs by a score of 51-14. This is the same Mustang team the Griz needed a last second field goal to beat.  The Bison sit at #4 and received eight first-place votes. Yeah, it really is a shame they're postseason ineligible. Not.

About that field goal: I just saw the replay of that this week and that kick barely made it inside the left upright. Because I watched the game from the student section I really had no idea it was that close. After the kick Dan Carpenter was jubilant. I think in that scenario I probably would've just passed out from relief if I was that close to greatly disappointing so many intoxicated Montanans.

Anyway, complete rankings -- as usual -- after the jump.


It took a grand total of 13 hours inside the stuffy, loud and stiff UC before I finally got those tickets. I was there at two and, thank God, they started handing tickets out a little early -- around 4:30 or so.

I was surprised to see how many people showed up. More specifically, I was even more surprised to see how many really odd/nerdy(ish) people showed up. Of all the sweaty people that seemed to be pushing on me from all sides as we waited for tickets, I really couldn't picture many of them at some cold intense college football clash of rivals.

Just one little anecdotal piece of evidence: I overheard one guy's scheme to buy seven PlayStation 3's and then sell them to desperate Christmas shoppers to make a profit. Aren't there better things to invest in than an overpriced toy? And does this man really belong at Saturday's game? This was one of the many bizarre things I overheard-- you tend to overhear a lot while waiting in line. With the extreme proximity to one another and the overwhelming boredom it's really the only form of entertainment available.

Also, props to the wristband cutter/staff who said he enjoyed reading my blog. It's really good to hear from someone; honestly, thanks. Oh, and sorry I didn't do more than just utter an elongated "yeah" and keep on walking. I was a little worn out from the night and focused on not knocking over those metal bars.

Guest pass -- five hours, fifteen minutes to tickets.

I've officially gotten my wristband that says when the time comes I am allowed to purchase a ticket along with an additional ticket for a guest of my choosing. It doesn't actually say that on the neon yellow paper band but that's what it means.

I'm kind of missing the point on why we have almost 90 minutes for wristbands then go through the line again for tickets. I guess it prevents us lining up at 10 last night but it's still pretty frustrating.

On top of these two waits tonight I plan on getting into Saturday's game as early as possible to snatch a seat along the rail. We'll see.

Above is an image of the last room before getting tickets. A friend compared it to waiting at Ellis Island; Griz fans young and old gathering all their worldly possessions -- blankets, iPods, sleeping bags, laptops, pizza boxes -- and travelling through some hot muggy room just for the chance to enter the stadium next Saturday.

My love.

It's 7:30 pm and the line has grown to the point that it has extended all the way downstairs. Ten hours until tickets and the Justin Timberlake is blaring; this is what college football is all about.

The entire third floor of the the UM University Center is filled with students waiting for tickets to the next best thing to Ohio State - Michigan. At least that's what I think, it may be entirely untrue. Here's another image from the night. Time to watch Fargo to pass the time.

When the night closes in.

The line for tickets continue to grow. It's probably closing in on 500 people. The girlfriend says "close to a thousand" but I highly doubt it. I wonder what it's like getting Ohio State - Michigan tickets. I also wonder if ND can make it to the national championship.

Well, here's another image from the wait, this from the UC ballroom. It's much more full than that and people keep on coming. Rumor is all line-goers will be greeted by a Bobby Hauck wake-up call. Gee, I can't wait to hear that voice at four in the morning.

Twelve and a half hours left.

It's close to 4:30 and the line has probably grown to about 350 people. Once people realized they weren't going to get guess passes they decided they were going to come back later instead of waiting through the line.

The recent update is that the staff realized they were going to number everyone's hand to prevent cutting and such. My number: 196. The ticket is either going to one of my brother's, a friend's brother or the highest bidder. We'll see.

And so it begins -- T-minus 15 hours

It's about two o'clock and I've officially entered the line for Brawl of the Wild tickets. Personally, I think this name is a on better than Griz-Cat. I know the latter gets to the point but the first name sounds so much better. Not gonna lie, I first heard the name and story while playing NCAA Football 2006 and thought it was pretty damn great.

Wristbands are handed out at 10 tonight; once you have a wristband, you're getting a ticket. The tickets don't actually go on sale until 5 tomorrow morning.

So right now I've been told I'm about 180 back. From what I heard before, the first 300 students who want one get a guest pass. It's looking pretty good.

After close win, Griz still dug in at #2.

Saturday's Griz-Cal Poly game lived up to all expectations. It was a defensive battle between #2 and #6 and had the game been I-A, Corso and the gang would've been there and it would've been an Instant Classic.

The best Griz game of the year ended on a Favre-like drive -- one of the the vintage ones where he doesn't throw a pick halfway through -- by Josh Swogger to set up 21 yard game winning kick by Dan Carpenter. This means the Griz hang in at #2 in the latest Sports Network I-AA Football Poll and this game goes down as another one Skip Bayless would've hated.

The win also means everything is in order for a Brawl of the Wild with BSC title implications. It's just like the Michigan-Ohio State game, except with the S and the C switched. The Griz have Northern Colorado coming up and the Cats just beat them, barely. Can you say settling for a moral victory?

Ms. U moved up on spot to #18 after their sixth straight win.

Complete rankings after the jump.