This one's for the girls.

For quite some time, I have neglected to write about anything other than Montana football and I think it's about time for a change.

Prior to just a few weeks ago, I didn't think that many people really cared about sports like volleyball. But after attending a match against Weber State I saw this wasn't the case, and for very good reason.

Volleyball is very fast paced and far more entertaining than I could've imagined. Just about every point in a volleyball match ends in one girl setting the ball up into the air and another smashing it down in the face of one, two, and sometimes even three opponents who are trying to send it back Dikembe Mutombo style. Each game, besides the fifth which is first to 15, is first to 30 in the best of 5 match; this means there is probably over 100 alley-oop dunks worth of action.

The Griz volleyball team is coming off its second straight loss, this one being a sweep (is that term used in volleyball?) at the hands of EWU. I guess they had to make up for the football beating somewhere. With the losses, the Griz fall to 4-3 in Big Sky Conference play and 8-9 overall.

Thursday night the Griz face firts-place Sacramento State so everyone should try and make it. I hate to sound like a high school  announcement but every sports fan really try and attend, even if they're pretty sure they won't like volleyball. Not like they need it, the volleyball team already gets a great turnout with the likes of Craig Chambers (coming off a 5 catch 82 yard performance against Sac State), ineligible OU transfer JD Quinn and Andrew Strait all at the last game I attended.

In other action: The Griz soccer team beat Northern Arizona 4-0 on Friday and lost to Northern Colorado 2-1 on Sunday. In Friday's match Lindsay Winans scored three goals in 18 minutes. I think just about everyone knows how great it feels to be in such a groove, whether it's a varsity high school basketball game or just being "on fire" while playing NBA Jam on Sega Genesis. I'm guessing doing so while playing D-1 soccer is a little different... but still kind of close to the same.

Watch Montana Grizzlies on the web... or not.

Chalk up another use for those many parental funded MacBooks that seem to be as popular as shower sandals and a laundry sack when it comes to dorm supplies.

Yes, you can now watch all Montana Grizzlies football, basketball, and volleyball games by way of the internet says the Missoulian.

SportsCast Network out of Salt Lake City has developed and produced the project, which is at Prices are $99.99 for all site content (called the Annual Conference Pass), $59.99 for single-school content or for a month-long all-site pass, $39.99 for a monthly single-school pass, and $6.99 if a fan just wanted to watch a single event.

“This will be unlike anything else currently available to fans of collegiate athletics,’’ BSC commissioner Doug Fullerton added. “SportsCast Network possesses some of the best technology available. Plus our nine athletic departments will all benefit from the agreement. When you buy a subscription the revenue will go back to your favorite school.”

To me, this seems a bit steep. Ryan at Big Sky Blog refers to value in his post about the development.

I saw an advance screening of "Lady in the Water", which even for free wasn't worth the price.

A bit pricey, but if the quality is TV tantamount, then your money may be well spent. It is well that the Bobcats and Griz have nearly all their games broadcast in Montana, but I never have the opportunity to watch other schools in the conference. A happy fan this would make.

I included his opinion  on the movie because the value of  Griz games on the internet is every bit as much about value as yet another movie with some paradoxical twist at the end where it all ends up being in the protagonists head. (Is it still a twist if we expect it?)

How much better would this story be if it included a line like "free for students?" At the very least, there should be some kind of variation between how much a student  and some wealthy MSU alumn pays for the content. Ok, maybe that doesn't exist, but you know what I mean. Out of staters pay around 20k per semester so aren't the schools getting enough already?

They could do what facebook used to do and verify enrollment using a University email address; no email address and no discount.

Just about every single college student has the high speed connection to watch the games. The problem hardly any have the money to spend. That is unless until if they sell the free iPod nano that comes with the MacBook.

Montana Grizzlies Volleyball Schedule for '06 Season

8/25/2006   @ California   8:00 PM MT     
California Tournament, Berkeley, Calif. 
8/26/2006   vs. Baylor   1:00 PM MT     
California Tournament, Berkeley, Calif. 
8/26/2006   vs. UC Davis   5:30 PM MT     
California Tournament, Berkeley, Calif. 
9/1/2006   @ Nevada   6:00 PM MT     
Nevada Tournament, Reno, Nev. 
9/2/2006   vs. Pacific   8:00 PM MT     
Nevada Tournament, Reno, Nev. 
9/7/2006   @ Portland   8:00 PM MT     
Portland Tournament, Portland, Ore. 
9/8/2006   vs. High Point   11:00 AM MT     
Portland Tournament, Portland, Ore. 
9/9/2006   vs. Cornell   11:00 AM MT     
Portland Tournament, Portland, Ore. 
9/15/2006   Montana State *   7:00 PM MT     
9/19/2006   Gonzaga   7:00 PM MT     
9/21/2006   Idaho State *   7:00 PM MT     
9/23/2006   Weber State *   7:00 PM MT     
9/28/2006   @ Northern Arizona *   8:00 PM MT     
9/30/2006   @ Northern Colorado *   7:00 PM MT     
10/5/2006   Portland State *   7:00 PM MT     
10/7/2006   Eastern Washington *   7:00 PM MT     
10/12/2006   Sacramento State *   7:00 PM MT     
10/14/2006   @ Montana State *   7:00 PM MT     
10/19/2006   @ Weber State *   7:00 PM MT     
10/20/2006   @ Idaho State *   7:00 PM MT     
10/26/2006   Northern Colorado *   7:00 PM MT     
10/28/2006   Northern Arizona *   7:00 PM MT     
10/30/2006   South Dakota State   7:00 PM MT     
11/2/2006   @ Sacramento State *   8:00 PM MT     
11/9/2006   @ Portland State *   8:00 PM MT     
11/11/2006   @ Eastern Washington *   8:00 PM MT     

Times subject to change
* Indicates Big Sky Conference game
# Indicates Playoff game
vs. Indicates neutral location